GAI-Tronics Clean Room Phones

GAI-Tronics Clean Room Phones

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GAI-Tronics Phones

Hands-free working is suitable for clean room conditions. Available in a cleanse (295F) or wall-mount (295W) design, innovative software makes this phone unique enough to deal with complicated working while maintaining comfort of use. The visible design are produced on the alter side of the overlay to avoid air particle reducing and to make sure durability. Operation is simple: two autodial control buttons hook up the call with pre-programmed statistics and the fully-operational keypad gives conventional phone function.


  • Completely sleek front side section made with overlay
  • Two Autodial statistics allow quick interaction at the touch of a button
  • Automatic response option allows clear room employees to response calls without making their stations
  • "Flash" option allows use of all features of a PBX system
  • Large control buttons allow easy function for gloved hands
  • Button features clearly indicated
  • Needs Power Provide (40411-004)
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