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Emergency and Weatherproof Phones

Emergency Phones

Headsetzone has a huge collection of emergency phones and weatherproof phones. Headsetzone has complete line of emergency and weatherproof phones for everyday emergency and security lines, 911 phones, door entry systems, campus security products, automatic dialer, telephones, swimming pool phones, and emergency elevator phones.

Emergency and Weatherproof Phones

Headsetzone provides many low-priced emergency phones as well. Depending on the location and application of your phones, headsetzone gives corded emergency phones or hands free emergency speakers and devices. naturally emergency and weatherproof phones can be used for indoor or outdoor applications and are offered with various options such as weatherproof enclosures or armored handset cords to stand up to public use.

Weatherproof Phones

Well-liked items may include campus security, garage phones, and emergency swimming pool devices. We have many different solutions for your ADA emergency telephone needs as well and the always admired red emergency phone. The auto-dial emergencies phones or dial-less emergency phones, a phone that auto dials a pre-programmed number upon the user lifting the handset are some of the most well-liked types of emergency phones we offer. An emergency auto switch phone automatically dials the pre-programmed number in the event of an emergency and reduces user error during an emergency.

Emergency and Weatherproof Phones

Some of our most popular brands include Viking emergency elevator phones and emergency phones by Gai-tronics, which represent outdoor, tough emergency phones solutions and indoor cost effective emergency phones. Choose from headsetzoneís variety of manufacturers and emergency phones models to suit your organizationís needs.

<h1>Viking Electronics</h1>

Viking Electronics

<h1>Viking Emergency Elevator Phones</h1>

Viking Emergency Elevator Phones

<h3>Gai-Tronics Industrial Communication Products</h3>

Gai-Tronics Industrial Communication Products

<h3>Ceeco Weather Proof Phones</h3>

Ceeco Weather Proof Phones

Allen Tel Emmergency Communication Devices

<h3>Guardian Telecom Emergency and Security Products</h3>

Guardian Telecom Emergency and Security Products

Gai-Tronics Emergency Weatherproof Phones

<h3>Gai-Tronics Hazardous Area Phones</h3>

Gai-Tronics Hazardous Area Phones

Gai-Tronics Weather Proof Speaker Phones
Gai-Tronics Weather Proof Speaker Phones

<h3>Gai-Tronics Panel Phones</h3>

Gai-Tronics Panel Phones

Gai-Tronics Explosion-Proof Emergency Phones
Gai-Tronics Explosion-Proof Emergency Phones

GAI-Tronics Weatherproof Phone Parts
GAI-Tronics Weatherproof Phone Parts

<h3>Allen Tel Weatherproof Phone Enclosures</h3>

Allen Tel Weatherproof Phone Enclosures

<h3>Allen Tel Stainless Steel Public Wall Phones</h3>

Allen Tel Stainless Steel Public Wall Phones

<h3>Allen-Tel Hot Line Phones</h3>

Allen-Tel Hot Line Phones

<h3>Allen-Tel Swimming Pool Phones</h3>

Allen-Tel Swimming Pool Phones

<h3>Allen Tel Elevator Phones</h3>

Allen Tel Elevator Phones

<h3>Allen Tel Panel Phones</h3>

Allen Tel Panel Phones

<h3>Allen Tel Weatherproof and Emergency Phone Parts</h3>

Allen Tel Weatherproof and Emergency Phone Parts

<h3>Guardian Telecom Emergency Weatherproof Speaker Phones</h3>

Guardian Telecom Emergency Weatherproof Speaker Phones

<h3>Guardian Emergency Weatherproof Phones</h3>

Guardian Emergency Weatherproof Phones

<h3>Guardian Hazardous Area Phones</h3>

Guardian Hazardous Area Phones

<h3>Guardian Emergency and Weatherproof Phone Parts</h3>

Guardian Emergency and Weatherproof Phone Parts

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