Plantronics DSP-100 Digitally Enhanced USB Speech Recognition PC Headsets

Plantronics DSP-100 Digitally Enhanced USB Speech Recognition PC Headsets

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Plantronics’ DSP-100 digitally-enhanced USB headset for accurate speech recognition, unmatched clarity and ultimate comfort. A perfect choice for Internet telephony/chat, voice and speech recognition applications. The noise-canceling microphone enhances speech accuracy. Packaged with Plantronics’ PerSono™ Audio Control Center Software, as well as leading speech recognition and voice applications.


Ultra-sensitive digitally-enhanced noise-canceling microphone delivers the full spectrum of the human voice
QuickAdjust™ microphone allows the user to position the microphone easily and consistently for uniform performance and higher speech accuracy
Ultra clear, single, lightweight speaker digitally-enhanced for voice applications
Sleek, stylish design with color accents
New lightweight materials for ultimate comfort
In-line digital control for mute and volume with LED
Digital Signal Processor provides improved speech accuracy

PerSono™ Audio Control Software for easy control of all of your needs

Bonus software includes leading speech and voice recognition software More Information on USB Headsets
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