Bogen CM200X Open Voice Paging Intercom System

Bogen CM200X Open Voice Paging Intercom System

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The CM200-Series Administrative Intercoms are versatile intercommunication devices designed to operate as an all-master system or as a multiple-master/multiple-remote system. In an all-master system, each station can selectively call any other station. In the master/remote configuration, master stations can call other masters and designated remotes and remote stations can call a single master station.

All-master systems use the CM206M or CM211M master station for capacity of up to 6 or 11 stations, respectively. Full trunkage permits multiple conversations - up to 5 simultaneous two-way conversations are possible in an 11-station system. Each master has push-on/push-off call buttons to select a station and sound an electronic call tone. Each selector button has an LED indicator as a reminder to release the selector button following a conversation. Conference calls are established by simultaneously pressing the desired call buttons. If two stations are engaged in conversation and a third station calls one of those stations, the ?busy? LED at the third station is lit.A Privacy button is provided to prevent others from hearing what is said at your station.

Each master station has a Talk button which is pressed when speaking and released when listening. A Talk Lock button is provided for dictation or monitoring. A Privacy button is included to ensure station privacy. Controls are provided to adjust the volume of the call tone and of speech transmitted and received over the speaker. Power and Busy LEDs are also included.

A combination master/remote system uses the CM200X remote station. Each remote has a single push-on/push-off call button to call its associated master station.When a remote calls the master, a Talk button is pressed to speak while listening is hands-free. When a master calls the remote, speaking and listening is hands-free.A privacy button is included to prevent a master from monitoring the remote location.

A single power supply (Bogen Model RF12A) is required for each installation. Wiring is simplified through the use of junction boxes which are supplied for each unit.

  • Choice of 6- or 11-station capacity
  • High intelligibility, high reliability
  • Selective, electronic tone calling
  • All master system or any combination of masters and remotes
  • Remote hands-free operation
  • Attractive, low-profile styling
  • Junction boxes for easy installation
  • Color: Black
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