Plantronics Clear Call 100 Telephone Line Audio Leveling System

Plantronics Clear Call 100 Telephone Line Audio Leveling System

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Plantronics Clear Call 100

Clear Call 100 (octivox) is a phone line leveler that automatically adjusts the loudness of each call to an optimal and consistent level. No delay or audible artifacts are introduced ─ just a loud and clear signal for incoming calls. Clear Call has been used to enhance the intelligibility of calls for conferencing, critical communications like 911 and for the hearing impaired.

Clear Call will normalize any incoming call including bridged conference calls, no matter how many parties are on the line. Callers can be soft-spoken or practically shouting; on a cell phone or dialing in from Paris – with Clear Call everyone sounds loud and clear.

Clear Call uses technology known as multiband dynamics processing to adjust the audio signal for each call. Broadcasters have been using this approach for years, but Clear Call is the first time a professional dynamics processor is practical for telephony applications. Each incoming caller’s voice is loudness corrected by multiple Automatic Gain Controls (AGCs) and separated into three bands of audio (low, mid, high) to optimize the spectral balance of each person. At the same time, peaks are controlled and unwanted hiss and noise are reduced. All of this happens in real-time ─ within milliseconds ─ so there is no noticeable delay. This full-duplex solution works while different people are talking and does not affect the feature set of today’s phones.

Improves Intelligibility Clear Call’s audio processing affects clarity and intelligibility; improving the user satisfaction Mean Opinion Score (MOS) from 4.0 to 4.38 (testing done by Dynastat).

Clear Call Features:
  • Corrects for up to 32dB difference in incoming voice level.
  • Compatible with any analog phone.
  • Operates in full duplex or half duplex by matching the functionality of the phone.
  • Installs easily between the phone and the wall using standard RJ11.
  • Small unit (4”x 6” x 2”) mounts right on the wall beside the phone jack or lays flat. Wall mount included.

Easy Installation Clear Call is easy to install. Just plug Clear Call into the wall jack, and then your analog phone into the Clear Call (works with any standard RJ11 jack). The unit comes ready for vertical or horizontal mounting.

More About Clear Call Technology Clear Call utilizes a series of automatic gain control and peak limiting algorithms that work dynamically across multiple bands of audio. This technology enables automatic volume matching in real-time by sampling thousands of times a second to produce consistent loudness and sound quality. Special filtering technology separates and enhances voices while minimizing background noise like rustling papers, air conditioners and low-frequency hums. Octiv is now the Plantronics Volume Logic Group.

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