Clarity Professional 53335.000 Wireless Remote Lamp Flasher

Clarity Professional 53335.000 Wireless Remote Lamp Flasher

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The 53335.000 Lamp Flasher connects easily to the Clarity Professional� C2210 amplified telephone and any standard lamp to signal incoming phone calls and alarm clock alerts. Using a wireless connection, it can signal a lamp located up to 33 feet away from the C2210.

More About Digital Clarity Power:

Texas Instruments DSP chipAll Clarity Telephones and accessories with Digital Clarity Power feature Analog to Digital Conversion (ADC) and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology inside. Some of the most noticeable benefits include superior background noise reduction, automatic gain control (AGC), speech enhancement, feedback reduction and loud sound protection.

  • What is DSP?

  • Clarity® a division of Plantronics Inc. (NYSE:PLT) is the first manufacturer to offer DSP enhanced amplified telephones.
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