Avaya Definity 2410

Headset Compatibility Notes:
AWH55 connects though the headset port. Unit comes with External Ring Detector that plugs in through the EU24 port on the AWH55 and the other end is placed on the speaker of the phone for ring detection. LKA10 connects through the headset port.

SupraPlus AH460 SupraPlus AH460N Avaya Encore Ultra II Avaya Encore Ultra II NC Avaya Supra Ultra II Avaya Supra Ultra II NC Avaya SupraPlus AH450 Avaya SupraPlus AH450 NC Avaya Encore Ultra VT Avaya Supra Ultra Avaya Supra Ultra NC AvayaPro NC AvayaPro VT Avaya Starter VT Avaya Starter NC Avaya TriStar Ultra VT Avaya TriStar Ultra NC Avaya Mairage Ultra NC Avaya Mairage Ultra VT

Headset Amplifiers:
Avaya M12LUCM Modular Base Amplifier Avaya HIC Cable

Wireless Headsets:
Avaya AWH-55+ Avaya LKA10
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