Aries Digital 308/616/924 Key Systems

Aries Digital 308/616/924 Key Systems

Aries Digital 308/616/924 Key Systems
The ADKS-308/616/924 KSU's support 3, 6 or 9 CO lines and up to 8, 16 or 24 digital station ports. The KSU supports any of five different telephone styles and a 50-button DSS/BLF unit.

There is an expansion board which supports 3 CO lines and 8 digital station ports. Each of the digital stations provides 2 voice channels (B) and a single data channel (D). The digital station ports provide the capability for off-hook voice announce (OHVA). Two of the expansion boards may be added to the ADKS-308, expanding the KSU to the full configuration. A single expansion board may be added to the ADKS-616, expanding it to the full configuration. The ADKS-924 KSU is fully configured for the maximum number of CO lines and digital station ports.

The ADKS-308 and ADKS-616 KSUs support an option board. The option board provides 2 serial ports for connection to an Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) device and a remote programming terminal or modem. Also provided on the option board are connections for external paging, music-on-hold, background music and a multi-purpose relay contact. The ADKS-924 KSU is equipped, from the factory, with the option board.

Analog stations (2500-type telephones, modems, answering machines, etc.) are supported via an analog adapter. The analog adapter allows for the connection of 2 analog devices to each digital station port. The station capacity can be nearly doubled by the use of analog adapters and single-line telephones. The analog adapter requires no external power supply. The analog adapter is housed in a plastic, wall-mounted box which will accommodate a second analog adapter board to expand the capacity to 4 analog ports. The expanded analog adapter requires a second digital port.

The Plantronics M10, M12 and A20 headset Adapters will work with the following System Telephones.

Telephone Sets:
  • Aries 2912,2926,2927,2928
  • Feature Phone: PC1008 (1 line), 3480,3482,3484 (1 line)
  • Classic Set: 4525 (1 line)
  • Medallion (1 line): 2480, 2481, 2482
  • Medallion (2 line): 2485, 3485, 8575
  • Citation (1 line): 2020, 2021, 2022, 2025
  • Tribute (1 line): 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015
  • Tel-Trex: 398975-MDE-27M
  • Tel-Trex (1 line): 2980
  • Tel-Trex II (1 line): 3980, 3981, 3982, 3983, 3984, 3985, 3989
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