Allen Tel Elevator/Emergency Phone with Auto DialM

Allen Tel Elevator/Emergency Phone with Auto DialM

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Allen Tel Elevator/Emergency Phone with Auto Dial

Allen Tel elevator/emergency phone with auto dial is made for particular needs of people in emergency situations. This phone with auto dial is one of the ideal phones in emergency areas and has an automatic totally recast button and its latest device for communicating in lifts for emergency situations. Allen Tel has made this phone keeping in mind the need for communications in those emergency areas where accidental damage more likely to be happened. This phone has made with high stress strong cords and vandal resistant hardware, particularly made to be mounted in existing outlet boxes and enameled finished. This emergency phone with auto dialing is available in black color and has very affordable price as well.

  • "High stress" armored mobile phone string and vandal tolerant hardware
  • One variety, 12 variety auto-dialer (tone result only
  • Increased device and automatic amount totally recast button
  • Developed to be attached in current store containers that are 7"W x 10"H x 3"D or with the optionally available GB62247 Outlet box and GB62248 Decrease frame
  • Available in dark-colored or Cherry Red
  • Prepared on enameled finish
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