Multi-Link ACP3 PolNet 3-Port Automatic Call Porcessors (ACP)

Multi-Link ACP3 PolNet 3-Port Automatic Call Porcessors (ACP)

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Stop paying multiple phone line charges for you data equipment!

Each year PolNet saves businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars in phone line charges! How? The PolNet series of Automatic Call Porcessors (ACP) eliminate dedicated phone lines by expanding the number of devices you can connect to a single line. With PolNet you can gain effective connectivity for up to nine devices per line. Just think of the savings! No wonder businesses from fortune 1000 to small protrietors rely on PolNet for polling and other data exchange applications.

PolNet offers more than cost-effective connectivity! With added information security and equipment protection, PolNet gives you piece of mind. Engineered with programmable security access codes for each device port, PloNet gives you Total Hacker Protection to keep your proprietary information safe. PolNet also provides dual surge protection for added defense against transient voltage carried over the phone line.

PolNet is reliable and compatible! Manufactured to strict standards, PolNet is compatible with virtually all analog phones lines, communications equipment and phone systems. Use the PolNet for modems, data and credit card terminals, storage and monitor-throughput, if you equipment requires a phone line, the PolNet works for you.

PolNet offers benefits you can depend on:
  • Eliminate Dedicated Line Costs
  • Automatic Fax Detection
  • Increase Connectivity and Security
  • Data Disruption Protection
  • Remote Diagnostic and Programming
  • Multi-Port Polling During Single Call
  • Compatible with Phone Systems
  • Application Flexibility
  • Two Year Warranty
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