Viking Electronics ACA-1A Affordable, Auto Attendants for Centrex, PABX & Key Systems

Viking Electronics ACA-1A Affordable, Auto Attendants for Centrex, PABX & Key Systems

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Viking Electronics ACA-1A Affordable, Auto Attendants for Centrex, PABX & Key Systems

The ACA-1A Automated Attendant provides a professional solution for increasing call handling capacity without adding costly staff. The ACA-1A answers promptly and courteously and allows callers to route themselves, with a Touch Tone phone, to an extension or department. Callers can interrupt the message at any time by dialing a single digit or extension. Callers without Touch Tone phones default to a live attendant.

The ACA-1A is a single-port Automated Attendant with a user recordable digital voice announcer. One minute of non-volatile digital memory is available to provide a greeting and a menu of up to 10 departments or extensions.


  • Increase call capacity without adding staff

  • Operator back-up during high-traffic hours

  • Use as a multi-level directory system with AAI-MD software

  • Use as the first level of a multi-level announcer with additional ACA-1As or ACA-2Bs

  • Compatible with many phone systems

  • Non-volatile E2 memory - no batteries required for memory retention during power failures

  • Remote or local recording

  • Bilingual capabilities - allows menu selection in two languages

  • Programmable ring delay

  • Professionally greets and processes calls

  • Compatible with Centrex, PBX, Hybrid Key and many electronic key systems with OPX or single line station capabilities

  • Stores up to (9) 16 digit speed dial numbers and (1) 32 digit number

  • Processes approximately four calls per minute (stack as many units as necessary for larger capacity)

  • Record announcements with a standard carbon handset or tape player

  • Separate announcements for greeting/menu selection, confirmation and busy extension

  • Blocks 8+ and 9+ dialing

  • Touch Tone interruptible announcement

  • Default speed dial position for non Touch Tone phones

  • CPC detection

  • Muli-Level directory capability when used with optional AAI-MD software.

  • One year warranty

  • Made in the USA

  • Power:120V AC/12V DC 500mA, UL listed adapter provided

  • Shipping Weight: 1.0 Kg (2.2 lbs.)

  • Environmental: 0 C to 32 C (32 F to 90 F) with 5% to 95% non-condensing humidity

  • Hook Switch Flash: 512 ms 50 milliseconds

  • Busy Detect Cadence: 200ms - 300ms or 450ms - 550ms on/off

  • Speed Dial Timing:200ms - 300ms or 450ms - 550ms on/off

  • Answer Message Default Time-out: 6 seconds

  • Busy Message Default Time-out: 2.5 seconds

  • Message Length: 1 minute

  • Sampling Rate: 64K (equivalent)

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