ClearOne MaxAttach

ClearOne MaxAttach

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The ClearOne MAXAttach™ is the only conference phone system on the market with the ability to link up to four phones for outstanding full-room coverage: multiple mics, multiple speakers and multiple dial pads. It is easy to set up and can be conveniently moved from room to room. Its sophisticated audio processing technologies deliver rich, full-duplex audio for natural, effortless conversations.

The ClearOne MAXAttach's First-Mic Priority feature activates the mic closest to the speaker - eliminating hollow "tunnel" sound while automatic level controls keep participants' audio balanced and consistent. The ClearOne MAXAttach™ is the best conference phone value providing superior room coverage at a better price than the competition.

Corded Conference Phone Expandable Up To 4 Conference Phones First-Mic Priority Eliminates "Tunnel" Sound 360-Degree Microphone Coverage Conference Call Recording ClearOne® Distributed Echo Cancellation® Effectively Eliminates Echo Noise Cancellation Full Duplex Operation LCD Display Automatic Level Controls 10 Station Speed Dial Customizable Room Configurations w/ Multiple Phones
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