Ameriphone RCM100 Lapel Microphone for RC-200 **DISCONTINUED**

Ameriphone RCM100 Lapel Microphone for RC-200 **DISCONTINUED**

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Ameriphone Lepel Microphone for RC200

This highly sensitive microphone, clips to your collar and provides handsfree, crystal clear, high fidelity sound for people who have weak voices. It has a cord that is 5 feet long.

RC M100 Lapel Mic Features

  • Designed for convenience and privacy for people with any degree of mobility and /or dexterity loss
  • The highly sensitive lapel microphone enhances a weak voice
  • Clips to shirt collar or other article of clothing around the head, neck or upper torso
  • Easily plugs into console
  • Factory product #: 68245.000
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